Most consumers value their safety over everything else. That is why consumers will easily ride off with everything on a shelf so long as there are other people they know or admire who’re all in praise of the same. That explains why brands seek for endorsements from celebrities who have a massive following – more people see a review of a product, the more of it they buy.

On the Internet, the story is the same but the mechanics differ quite a bit. Firstly, since consumers are buying from e-commerce websites, the first thing they run to check out is the reviews. They look for authority websites whose information they can trust before buying. The consumers also rely on direct customer reviews about the products they’re looking to buy on the e-commerce websites; amazon is a good example here.

Students as consumers

Students who spend money buying essays online are not a lucky lot in the sense that most of the essay writing companies/agencies they use lack a consumer knowledge base worth reporting about. Most of them depend on their intuition to make decisions about certain companies, a trick many of the affected companies have learnt to cheat. The most effective ways for them to find or discover great essay writing companies is to get information elsewhere.

Why we are reviewing essay writing companies

Essay writing companies provide a very crucial service to their customers. However, there are many masquerading as professionals without the credentials necessary for their customers’ satisfaction. Without an open customer reviews system on many of these websites, and the lack of adequate information on consumer complaint forums, students have nowhere to look other than review websites like We want to help consumers/students find the best custom essay writing companies by getting as much customer relevant information to them as possible.

Features of reliable writing companies! Watch this video!

How this works

First of all, we are always checking the state of the custom essay writing sector for trends and so forth. We have invested time and a few resources to capture as much information about a given company as we possibly can through our experts. They research essay writing companies to provide a summary we can share with the public.

We also rely on those who’ve used essay writing companies in the past for reviews. When they rate a company positively or negatively, we use their feedback to rank some of the best essay writing services out there.